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RP Fodder: Of Raven and Dove by Michael-777 RP Fodder: Of Raven and Dove :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 1 0 The 'age of rebirth' ends? by Michael-777
Mature content
The 'age of rebirth' ends? :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 4 0
Nine-ball Seraph: R by Michael-777 Nine-ball Seraph: R :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 9 2
'Humanize the enemy' experiment: successful?
"NO! What the everloving fuck am I DOING!? I can't RUN AWAY. I'm no coward. Turn, turn and face fear. Face it, clasp your hands together and char-... oh. Right."
Lana coughed a sheepishly sickly grin, spewing out blood onto the near wall as she turned on one leg, spinning around to glare down the few-dozen meters back towards her opponent. Gritting her teeth, a gurgle of a laugh shaking up through her throat as pain rocked her flayed torso where her arms had been.
Twin lances of hot white energy shot from the holes in her torso, mixing with the blood still pouring down one side and ash caking the floor on another. Taking staggering, heavy-gaited steps as she began to focus; golden irises constricting to tiny pins in snowbanks. Lana's ghostly bones began reforming into a state resembling matter; her right arm, the one cauterized and ashen began to take vague shape resembling the one she'd lost whilst the energy-bone-tentacle taking up her left arm was bloody and red, almost radiating wi
:iconmichael-777:Michael-777 0 0
Your hunting sense won't save you!
Hearing the fading wet sounds of the demon as it crawled away from her  and the building whose wall they'd damaged, the smaller girl - a young woman of appearance about ten years old gritted her teeth as she focused all willpower on the edge of unconsciousness into her legs, forcing her tired, drained muscles to pump blood and adrenaline. Slowly rising onto one knee, she heard a charging noise - particles gathering unto a focal point, air ionizing. She jerked her head up in time to see the enemy had junctioned itself between a handful of bamboo on either side, both monstrous mechanical arms forcing them apart; sniping at her with a concealed firing port in its deformed left shoulder.
Willing, brain screaming at her to MOVE, she struggled to shudder in fear, let alone regain the acuity to dodge with any semblance of ability. Squelching her eyes shut as the charged particles lanced outwards, from the treeline beelining straight at her. A searing heat overwhelmed her senses as her bo
:iconmichael-777:Michael-777 1 2
Trishanku's heaven revisited
Moonless nights in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost were usually quiet, this one was destined to be so also, were it not for two new arrivals. Outsiders - entities foreign to Gensokyo, careening through the bamboo fields, locked in intense combat with one another. Fingers upon two pairs of humanoid arms interlocked and foreheads met in unflinching zeal, uncaring, unfettered for collateral damage sustained to their environs, though both were close-to-yokai enough that they would stop short of endangering an obvious bystander.
Unfortunately the weather had turned unfavorable for combat; a harsh thunderstorm had come over the forest rendering unaided visibility extremely poor, thus the two outsiders were locked in a grapple as they flew through thickets of bamboo; one a massive, monstrous drider-like female, the other an unusual fairy-sized redhead.
Thunder and rain roaring above their combined screams of fury amidst intense battle, they slammed into the gated fence of Eientei with a sickeni
:iconmichael-777:Michael-777 1 3
Butterflies and Doves by Michael-777 Butterflies and Doves :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 1 2
UIMS landfall - Enter Camilla
Sighing, emotion-cortex buzzing with irritation over her current situation - predominantly her lack of external warmth, the naked white-haired girl crouched down, closely examining the space between a tree and the road upon forest floor for evidence of frequent Human passing. Finding something - a faded pair of shoe prints, she stood up and began tracing them, her head twisting around on the X-axis to look over her shoulder at-
"Gamer, please cut the narration."
Master, if I am to not narrate your actions then how else can I capture what happens? See through your optics?
"Do what you like, I'm just concerned with-" She bit her lower lip, cutting herself off as her irritation reached a peak. Her left hand curled into a fist - a common Human sign of aggression/frustration - before sharply striking the tree she'd been examining the base of, quickly pulling her hand back and observing her now-lightly bruised knuckles with a deepening frown. No doubt my narration is adding to that irrit
:iconmichael-777:Michael-777 0 0
UIMS landfall - Enter Gamer
immediate_scan_results; 0m_AGL, SELF_FRAME orientated 40-deg_DOWN, FRAME_DURABILITY-40%
"JUNK"; Miniscule/Useless Avatar Construction SUB_COMP; Obsolete Aural Communication Definition Lexicon; 'Primitive Language'; ENEMY, ENEMY_UGSF_LANG; ENEMY FORM; OBSOLETE-UNNE-......
X1_Stasis_Chamber; Avatar_Body_Construction, Infantry_Weapon_Fabricator/Non-lethal/Incapacitation_O
:iconmichael-777:Michael-777 0 0
Male Intoner!? -WIP- by Michael-777 Male Intoner!? -WIP- :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 0 0 Heavenly/Belkan crazies by Michael-777 Heavenly/Belkan crazies :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 2 0 Ace Combat - Lauren Foulke by Michael-777 Ace Combat - Lauren Foulke :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 4 0 Circle of Life by Michael-777 Circle of Life :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 1 0 Digital People by Michael-777 Digital People :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 2 6 Knightly Pride rocks! by Michael-777 Knightly Pride rocks! :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 3 158 Nemo Orestes Cohen by Michael-777 Nemo Orestes Cohen :iconmichael-777:Michael-777 2 19


ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere IE Original Poster v2 by DragonSpikeXIII ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere IE Original Poster v2 :icondragonspikexiii:DragonSpikeXIII 18 15 COM- FIGHT! by crescentnocturn COM- FIGHT! :iconcrescentnocturn:crescentnocturn 5 0 Zero Plus Ten by pvtskwerl Zero Plus Ten :iconpvtskwerl:pvtskwerl 258 27 Seryu Ubiquitous, with arms! by DOubLEkiLLz Seryu Ubiquitous, with arms! :icondoublekillz:DOubLEkiLLz 27 9 Hyperdimension Neptunia Rock/Punk Croire by DustyBlade Hyperdimension Neptunia Rock/Punk Croire :icondustyblade:DustyBlade 27 5 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanodesu by IanDimas Magical Girl Lyrical Nanodesu :iconiandimas:IanDimas 38 23 A different kind of monster girl by cqmorrell A different kind of monster girl :iconcqmorrell:cqmorrell 38 21 Ryoko Kaminagi 2 by gofu-web Ryoko Kaminagi 2 :icongofu-web:gofu-web 222 15 Ryoko Kaminagi by gofu-web Ryoko Kaminagi :icongofu-web:gofu-web 217 9 Minato-san by gofu-web Minato-san :icongofu-web:gofu-web 274 20 Boudica by GobGrael Boudica :icongobgrael:GobGrael 235 38 F/A-81 Yellow Jacket by PAK-FAace1234 F/A-81 Yellow Jacket :iconpak-faace1234:PAK-FAace1234 47 4 Reimu Hakurei Fans Art Mecha Type by laurentiusmark93 Reimu Hakurei Fans Art Mecha Type :iconlaurentiusmark93:laurentiusmark93 16 0 The Fearsome Ophiuchus by 4-X-S The Fearsome Ophiuchus :icon4-x-s:4-X-S 118 54 Nadeko by Triple-Q Nadeko :icontriple-q:Triple-Q 84 3


Just in case you're curious about what my last three or so submissions were, I've been trying to make anoter character via Twitter since 2012, well the whole thing's set to conclude on Dec 31st. Here's a link to her Google document bio:…


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